Anthology of Yiddish Poetry
of Poland between the two
World Wars (1918 - 1939)

אַנטאָלאָגיע פון דער ײִדישער פּאָעזיע
אין פּוילן צווישן ביידע וועלט מלחמות
(1918 - 1939)

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Thanks to Gilles Rozier and Medem Bibliotheque, Paris, for permission to publish the French translations by Batia Baum of the Ulinover poems. All of Ulinover's poems and their French translations, together with a scholarly introduction and bibliography, can be found in Natalia Krynicka's book Un Bonjour du Pays Natal... Poemes, by Miryam Ulinover (Bibliotheque Medem, Paris 2003).

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